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Community Dialogue Skills

COMMUNITY DIALOGUE SKILLS Finding Common Ground: Conscious, Intercultural and Experiential Life Long Learning What are

International Student Coaching Programs

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT COACHING PROGRAMS These programs help students find common ground with Americans at university

Brightwood Community Dialogue Center

Brightwood Community Dialogue Center at 712 Kennedy Street, N.W., Washington, DC heads up our community-building

Nature Education Travel

NATURE EDUCATION TRAVEL Nature Education Travel is about people experiencing nature in the wild.  Let ECCN design your

About us

Mission Statement

The Earth Charter Communities Network (ECCN) education enterprise helps people use dialogue skills to find common ground with people and our planet, and moves us toward a dialogic, global civilization.

Why Choose Us

Dialogue is real communication. Today we need to find common ground not just with nature but with the inner self so that we can learn to trust ourselves again, and consciously seek the authentic in others as well.  Finding...

Our History

In 2012, Earth Charter Communities Network, L3C (ECCN) became an American social enterprise. We have been helping people use dialogue and use the basic principle of the Earth Charter: Respect and Care for the Community of Life to build community and develop...

Our team

Stephanie Tansey


Michele DiMartino

U.S. Director

Helen Qi

Chinese Education Advisor (BAES)

Samuel Dunston II

Dialogue Skills Manager and Nature...


I’ve never thought of the graduate school application process as creating a dialogue until Stephanie Tansey joined my application journey.

Lu Cheng

If one wishes to understand others or to be understood themselves, ECCN’s Dialogue Skills Program is the tool towards knowing. To speak and

Donald Williams

As a youth in DC, I would have loved a program that allowed me to develop my own way to cope and communicate. Dialogue Skills will

Samuel Dunston II

This is to give my heartfelt thanks to Stephanie B. Tansey, who has enriched my conception of “dialogue” which has hence become an organic

Zhang Cuiping (Donna)